ColorTech Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments
Colour Chart 13.200

Old Rose
¾ LB CC11

Berry Hill
1 ½" LBS CC11

Georgia Brick
3 LBS CC11

Canvas Tan
½" LB CC60

Ridgeback Brown
1 LB CC60

Rose Clay
2 LBS CC60

Malibu Taupe
2 LBS CC67

Java Brown
4 LBS CC67

1 LB CC30

Cattail Brown
2 LBS CC30

5 LBS 2704

Berry Mauve
2 LBS CC13

4 LBS CC13

River Sand
¾" LB CC52

Oatmeal Buff
1 ½ LBS CC52

Liberty Tan
1 LB CC50

Golden Beige
2 LBS CC50

Pueblo Gold
3 LBS CC50

Amber Rose
1 LB CC16

Sun Bronze
2 LBS CC16

Salsa Red
4 LBS CC16

Rose Tone
2 LBS 6029

5 LBS 6029

Canyon Beige
2 LBS 600

Western Wheat
1 ½ LBS CC58

1 LB CC34

Copper Clay
2 LBS CC34

4 LBS CC34

Antler Tan
5 LBS 6478F

Sand Beige
1 LB CC64

Cocoa Milk
2 LBS CC64

Rich Earth
3 LBS CC64

Desert Brown
5 LBS 610

Toasted Almond
2 ½ LBS CC68

Mocha Caramel
5 LBS CC68

1 LB CC54

Natural Honey
2 LBS CC54

Sonoma Glod
3 LBS CC54

Cappuccino Cream
2 ½ LBS CC61

Nuss Brown
5 LBS CC61

5 LBS 663

Natural Brown
3 LBS 6082

5 LBS 6082

River Slate
3 LBS CC36

Soft Green
3 LBS CC53

1 LB CC86

Granite Rock
 ½ LB CC80 or    2 ½ LBS CC86

Charcoal Gray
1 LB CC80 or
5 LBS CC86

Raven Black
1 ½ LBS or
7 ½ LBS CC86

NOTE: Dosages are per 94 lb. sack of cement. Video colours shown approximate as nearly as possible the appearance of concrete lab samples made with a medium-gray cement and poured with a four-inch slump. Consistency of colour of cement aggregrates, slump finishing techniques and curing methods are critical in achieving uniformity of colour. Concrete should be batched, placed, cured and finished in accordance with ColorTech Product Information Bulletin. Custom colours available upon request. These screen colours should only be used for ideas, as these colours do not represent final results.

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