This premixed dry-shake product simultaneously colours, improves finishing, and hardens freshly placed flatwork. Ideal for imprinted concrete, QC Colour Hardener comes in 25 standard colours and an unlimited range of custom colours (no minimum orders required). QC Heavy-Duty Colour Hardener, fortified with aluminum oxides, is also available.

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Colour That Performs - QC Colour Hardener delivers top architectural concrete performance: bright and brilliant colour, superior finishing, and extra durable, hardened surfaces.  This premixed, dry-shake product works four ways: it colours, improves texture transfer, enhances finishing, and hardens freshly placed flatwork.  The pure, high-strength pigments used in QC Colour Hardener come from Bayer Corporation, the world leader in colouring products with the most advanced production facility in North America.  Synthetic iron oxide pigments resist fading and disperse easily for rich, strong and consistent colour.

Made to Order - From classic Terra Cotta to elegant Stone Gray, QC Colour Hardeners range from subtle tones to deep, rich shades.  Ask us to create a custom colour or match a colour you already have.  Whatever you want, almost anything is possible with no minimum orders required and no charge for colour matching.

Designed for Craftsmanship - QC Colour Hardener is the ideal colouring method when imprinting concrete for surfaces that show tone and texture, colour and craftsmanship.  QC Colour Hardener can also be used to colour flatwork applications, vertical surfaces, or surfaces with salt, broom or rotary finishes.  Expand your creative flexibility with QC Release Powder, the product that allows you to achieve a clean release from mat-type texturing tools and to produce highlighting and antiquing effects.

Built For Durability - This colour isn't just beautiful--it also makes surfaces extra durable.  Our blend of selected, gradated aggregates and architectural cements produces a surface substantially harder and more wear-resistant than regular concrete.  If you want to colour and harden your surface, increase abrasion and wear resistance, and reduce porosity, choose QC Colour Hardener.  For surfaces that must withstand heavy traffic or utility use--commercial hardscapes, warehouses, industrial flatwork or amusement parks--QC Heavy-Duty Colour Hardener is also available.  The addition of natural aluminum oxides to QC Heavy-Duty Colour Hardener improves surface density and slip resistance.

QC Colour Hardener--for surfaces that are beautiful and durable, for colour that is elegant and long-lasting.

Product Notes

  • QC Colour Hardener colours are available in 60-pound bags and 60-pound pails
  • Please refer to the QC Colour Hardener Product Information Bulletin for complete product information and application instructions.
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