QC Liquid Release
Product Information Bulletin 4.202

QC LIQUID RELEASE is a non-pigment method for releasing mat-type texturing tools from the surface. QC LIQUID RELEASE is an alternative in situations when QC RELEASE POWDER may be prohibitive.

Uses and Benefits

  • QC LIQUID RELEASE is a release choice for applications where powdered products would be prohibitive, due to risk of damage to interior finished surfaces.

  • A nonpigment parting agent, QC LIQUID RELEASE is used for releasing mat-type texturing tools from wet concrete.

  • QC LIQUID RELEASE will not impede the use of QC PATINA STAINS or QC SEALERS.

  • Please note that QC LIQUID RELEASE will not give an antiquing effect to the finished surface. For proper antiquing effects, QC RELEASE POWDER is recommended. To achieve antiquing effects with QC LIQUID RELEASE, consider use of QC PATINA STAINS.

  • QC LIQUID RELEASE has a pleasant bubble gum scent.


1. QC LIQUID RELEASE is applied just before placement of most mat-type imprinting tools during the plastic stage of set.

2. Apply QC LIQUID RELEASE by misting the surface with a pump-up type sprayer equipped with a fan tip. Apply enough QC LIQUID RELEASE to evenly cover the area to be immediately imprinted (150-200 square feet) while avoiding evapouration of the material prior to using texturing mats.

3. QC LIQUID RELEASE may be removed as soon as the concrete has hardened to the point where it will not scratch or mar easily (normally 2-3 days). Pressure-washing the surface is the typical removal method. For hard-to-remove release or for heavy texture work with release, a mild muriatic solution may be used (15 parts water: 1 part muriatic acid).

Curing and Sealing Concrete

1. For curing concrete treated with QC LIQUID RELEASE, choose from a variety of QC cures appropriate to project requirements: QC CLEAR CURE, QC COLOUR CURE or QC COLOURWAX (See separate Product Information Bulletins for complete instructions on these products.) QC CLEAR CURE and QC COLOUR CURE conform to ASTM C 309.

2. If a liquid membrane cure is not appropriate, then new, nonwrinkled, nonstaining, reinforced, kraft-curing paper may be used.

3. After release has been washed from the surface and once concrete has dried to a uniform colour, sealing the concrete may take place. For finish sealing concrete, choose from a variety of QC sealers appropriate to project requirements: QC CEMSEAL, QC SOLVENT-BASED SEALERS, QC CEMGUARD or QC SURPRO. (See separate Product Information Bulletins for complete instructions on these products.)


It is highly recommended to develop and follow a routine maintenance schedule for all coloured concrete so that it maintains a top-quality appearance.  Coloured concrete installations should be routinely inspected, cleaned and resealed as required by local conditions. Cleaning and resealing schedules will depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to, volume and intensity of traffic, maintenance procedures and weather.

Coverage Guidelines

  • Note – Actual coverage may vary depending on the application method, wind conditions, texture of concrete prior to application, and other local conditions.

  • Under normal conditions, QC LIQUID RELEASE will cover approximately 300 square feet per gallon.

Package Sizes

QC LIQUID RELEASE comes in 1-, 5-, and 55-gallon containers.

Shelf Life

QC LIQUID RELEASE has a shelf life of one year.

Product Handling

For handling and use, consult the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet before using product.


QC RELEASE POWDER, QC RELEASE POWDER II AND QC LIQUID RELEASE, all proprietary products, are warranted to be of uniform quality within manufacturing tolerances. Since control is not exercised over use, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the effects of such use. Seller’s and manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to refunding the purchase price of that portion of the material proven to be defective. The user assumes all other risks and liabilities resulting from use of this product. If you have any questions, please contact QC CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS (contact information can be found at end of this bulletin).

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