QC Release Powder
Product Information Bulletin 4.202

QC Release Powder and Release Powder II

The original QC RELEASE POWDER is specifically designed for use with colour hardened textured concrete. This product allows for the clean release of texturing tools from the concrete surface, and at the same time, creates highlighting colour (also called an antiquing effect) with mat-type texturing tools. QC RELEASE POWDER II can be used with all textured concrete.

Uses and Benefits

  • Both QC RELEASE POWDERS—dry-mix formulated powders and colour pigments—are designed for the clean release of mat-type texturing tools.  When applied appropriately, QC RELEASE POWDER allows for a clean mat release, with minimum to no effect in pattern transfer.

  • This product adds colour-embedded variation to the textured surface, providing highlighting and antiquing effects that closely resemble natural material.

  • QC RELEASE POWDER is available in 25 standard colours. See QC COLOUR HARDENER and RELEASE POWDER Chart. Custom colours are also available, with no minimum orders required.


1. The surface is ready for release once concrete reaches the point when no bleed water remains on the surface and when concrete is sufficiently firm to withstand texturing tools and the weight of a work crew. QC RELEASE POWDER should be evenly hand-broadcast over the entire surface of freshly placed concrete. An alternative application method is to spread QC RELEASE POWDER with a long-handled scrub brush in order to achieve light, uniform coverage.

2. QC RELEASE POWDER should remain in a dry state on the concrete surface—the product should not be worked into the surface. Care should be taken not to trowel the powder into the wet concrete. Troweling powdered release into the surface will result in permanent discolouration.

3. QC RELEASE POWDER may be removed as soon as the concrete has hardened to the point where it will not scratch or mar easily (normally 2-3 days). Pressure-washing the surface is the typical removal method. For hard-to-remove release or for heavy texture work with release, a mild muriatic solution may be used (15 parts water: 1 part muriatic acid).

Curing and Sealing Concrete

1. For curing concrete treated with QC RELEASE POWDER, new, non-wrinkled, non-staining, reinforced, kraft-curing paper should be used.

2. After release has been washed from the surface and once concrete has dried to a uniform colour, sealing the concrete may take place. For sealing concrete, choose from a variety of QC sealers appropriate to project’s needs: QC CEMSEAL, QC SOLVENT-BASED SEALERS, QC CEMGUARD or QC SURPRO WB or SB. (See separate Product Information Bulletins for complete instructions on these products.)


It is highly recommended to develop and follow a routine maintenance schedule for all coloured concrete so that it maintains a top-quality appearance.  Coloured concrete installations should be routinely inspected, cleaned and resealed as local conditions demand. Cleaning and resealing schedules will depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to, volume and intensity of traffic, maintenance procedures and weather.


  • Inconsistencies in job site conditions, finishing practices, timing of imprinting, and curing methods may produce variations in the colour of the finished product.

  • QC RELEASE POWDER may be used on vertical faces of step risers and curbs.

Coverage Guidelines

  • Note – Actual coverage may vary depending on colour choice, application method, concrete surface finish, wind conditions, and other local conditions.

  • All colours – 1,000-1,500 square feet per 30-pound pail.

Package Sizes

QC RELEASE POWDER comes in 30-pound pails.


QC RELEASE POWDER should be kept away from moisture.

Product Handling

For handling and use, consult the corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet before using product.


QC RELEASE POWDER, QC RELEASE POWDER II AND QC LIQUID RELEASE, all proprietary products, are warranted to be of uniform quality within manufacturing tolerances. Since control is not exercised over use, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as to the effects of such use. Seller’s and manufacturer’s obligation under this warranty shall be limited to refunding the purchase price of that portion of the material proven to be defective. The user assumes all other risks and liabilities resulting from use of this product. If you have any questions, please contact QC CONSTRUCTION PRODUCTS (contact information can be found at end of this bulletin).

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